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An Exciting Year Ahead....

1 min read

We wanted to share our exciting plans for 2017. First of all, we're going back to Berlin! Berliner Fahrradschau had such a great vibe last year, we couldn't resist. It is 3-5th of March and if you haven't attended before, we'd highly recommend a visit and if you're planning on coming, say hi! 
We're also venturing out to Copenhagen bike show the weekend after to test the waters, who can say no to a beautiful city like that. Can't wait to showcase our product to the Danish and have lots of pastry.....
Third and most exciting plan of this year... TransAm bike race. We applied and got accepted as a rookie duo. Whoop Whoop! and ... aw shit!!!!!!!!! Up to this moment we were urban cyclists that enjoyed the weekend wanders in our jeans on our single speeds and have been avoiding lycra at all cost!.. However with the help of Svelte London beautiful merino jerseys and our new Canyon endurance bikes we are slowly easing ourselves into road cycling. Follow our journey on our new Instagram account here.