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How to clean / care / repair your Vel-Oh bag.

2 min read

Did you cycle home after a pour down last night on that lovely wet, splashy, mucky road and got your bag all yucky yuck yuck ?! That's OK! Here's what to do. 

If your bag is still wet simply take a very slightly damp cloth (microfibre ones work best) and clean it all off. Don't rub, just go from top to bottom until all is clean and dryish.

If you left your bag to dry there will be two steps. Take a dry microfibre cloth and softly sweep any dry dirt off. Then take a baby wipe and rub any areas that still look muddy. Get right into it, let the bag get wet from the wipes if need be, they won't stain. Let dry (usually a few minutes) and voila! 

If you don't have any baby wipes in the house use a damp cloth, but depending on the amount of dirt and the colour of your bag that might not get it all. We don't have kids, but a pack of baby wipes, usually Tesco's finest ;) can be found in the bike room at all times. They're great when you need to wipe your bike down but don't have time for the full-on Muck Off bath. They're also great to clean your hands with after you've washed your bike and got oil all over them and so on. Get a pack, it's a game changer :) 


Also, may I point out that we offer bag repairs. We take extra care when sewing the designs together but anything can happen, a zip might get caught on something in the bag pocket and you end up ripping it, a stud might go missing, or maybe you carried a truckload of something super heavy and you can see a seam coming away. We're human, therefore we're not perfect, so unless your dog chewed half of the bag we should be able to fix whatever it is that's broken and free of charge of course! 

Much love, 

Greta and Zulfi.