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Latest Custom Bags

1 min read

We've been having so much fun!

Hi everyone! We wanted to share some exciting projects we worked on in the last few months. They've all been made outside our standard current collections in some way, whether it's a simple colour change or a unique leather clutch.


First up, an oversized leather clutch bag with leather cord and wooden ornaments. A super special project for an Architect in the Baltics.

Second, a Worker bag in grey/tan with black straps - LOVE IT! This was for a customer who couldn't decide between a GreyPackand a Worker bag so we squished (getting technical) them into one.

The third is a custom Nip Out which you can create online, however, this one is special as it had a mixture of colours and initials stamped on it. A very thoughtful Christmas present, was it for you ? :) 

And the last one is super fresh, it was only shipped yesterday! It's a custom Umi. It is a little wider and has a laptop sleeve, plus the fold over shoulder bag wasn't really the customers kind of thing, so we took that away, increased the length of the straps so she could wear it over her shoulder and of course they convert to backpack straps!

Has this inspired you to create your own ? Get in touch and let's start this conversation :)