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Price increase & getting rid of plastic!

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Last month one of our suppliers raised their prices, which affects the Nip Outs the most. So, so annoying, but such is life. We have decided to only increase our prices by £3 which is exactly what our supplier has done to us, so no silly markups, you'd only be paying the increase we're paying. 

No More Plastic...

For the last couple of years, our online orders were shipped out wrapped in tissue but in a standard plastic mailer, which was always something we hated, but it was convenient and trustworthy and we couldn't quite find a good alternative that we didn't have to buy a million of at the time. We're SO pleased to tell you that for about a month now we've been sending out our bags in tissue and a paper sack! As for the leather goods, they're going out in jiffy bags, but we have a box of eco jiffy bags coming in any day now, so there won't be any plastic bubbles in those anymore either - how exciting is that! 


Much Love, 
Greta & Zulfi