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Zulfi's Christmas wish list.

3 min read

So we have experienced the million "gifts for him and for her" over the festive period. Well, here's my list of what I need/want or maybe just deserve! These are in no particular order...


1: Having 5 bikes in the spare room along with the turbo trainer I'm tempted to move some of the bikes into the garage. Even though we're currently based in the middle of nowhere, these are our babies and still need to be looked after. That's where the awesome Hiplok's Airlockcomes into play. These not only look amazing, I would also feel safe in leaving my first born attached to it...

2: I am constantly moaning about my hands being cold. Weather (like what I did there!) it's the biting wind or the never ending glorious showers that make these the Emerald Isles, I always struggle when it comes to keeping my hands warm and dry. That was until I stumbled across these bad boys from Dissent 133. This layered glove concept which offers you a thermal, wind and rain stopper would be awesome for our next Trans Atlantic way race in June 2018.

 3: Keeping on theme theme of toastiness. My next item is also something that we have all suffered. We have tried the tin foil, plastic bags, double socks etc. I even went as far as putting hand warmers in my shoes! Whats the alternative? Well for me leading up to next years race, I shall be praying that the chimney is cleared enough to fit Fizik's Artica R5 shoes down there!

4: It doesn't have to be Christmas to warrant a new bike, but it's a bloody great excuse if ever needed. That's where these beautiful handmade titanium bikes from Wittson come in. We spoke to them last year, prior to us racing and they are amazing to work with and not to mention Lithuanian, just like the better half!


5: When it comes to lights for me - it is always a tough one, so that's why I've chosen four! They are all great and having used two (and want the other the two), I thought I'd lay them all out for you here...

Firstly, we have the SeeSense Icon lights, great bright beam front and rear ideal for city cycling. Next, we have the Lightskin Seatpost, I used this throughout my last years in London, its super bright, and you don't have to worry about removing your lights. Ok now the two I really want to try is Blaze Burner lights, unfortunately, these weren't available last year for us, so fingers crossed. And finally the Exposure Revo dynamo lights, perfect for those long evenings training.

6: Ok so now its time for Vel-Oh! It's tough, as I believe (along with Greta) that no bag we make is lesser than another we produce but saying that my fave is the Howl bag from our new collection. Its named after our favourite cafe the Grand Howl in Hackney, and honestly, its the type of bag Greg the owner would rock. You can say he was our muse....


7: What does every dad expect at Christmas, but what every cyclist wants? Socks! Merino, waterproof, levitating, will power the pedals themselves! I wish, but I'll settle with a bundle from the nice folks at Fingers crossed. We met these guys last year at Berlin Farradschau they have some great designs such as their Merino wool range. So much detail.


8: As you can probably tell from my list, I have quite a rich taste, however, no bundle of gifts would be complete without a signature polka dot piece. I am pleased to say that Rapha has just made my day with their merino jumper!

9: So what happens when you cycle to work every day and also want to save your best denim? That's easy! You invest in a new pair of the best denim and in my case its Saint denim. I stumbled across the fabric earlier this year which was near on indestructible, and waterproof. These guys have woven that fabric into denim, and it's pretty much bulletproof.



10: Lastly The best present that I could receive, is giving you guys the present you want! So get yourself over to Vel-Oh and grab a bag for your loved ones (or if you're like me, treat yourself!)