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  • What materials do you use?

Outer - British millerain waxed cotton for the outside of the bag. All bags are waxed, some with a dry waxed finish, some with a more obvious waxy waxy waxed finish. To give you an example, Seph bags are made out of dry wax canvas and the GreyPack, Day bag grey, Nip Out in Grey are very waxy and create a patina.

Where Leather is used we use vegetable tanned leather throughout, apart from 2 hides that were bought a while back and we're still finishing off which were chrome dyed, that's the mint that you can find on a red Seph and the burgundy on the burgundy Nip Out. Once these hides are finished we will not be buying them again, but rather look for a vegetable tanned alternative.

Cotton webbing

Cotton lining

EVA foam padding. EVA foam can be recycled.

  • How quickly are orders shipped

We try and ship them the same day where possible, next day if it's not. And if for any reason it might take longer, we will send you a message to make sure that's OK with you. Custom orders, of course, take a few extra days.

  • Where do I add initials on the Bud?

You can add them in at Checkout, see an example on desktop here and on a phone screen here.