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Faces& Places newsletter no4 - Bettina Frohn.

Bettina runs an amazing pet designer furniture and accessory online store & blog. We've known Bettina for a very long time, she was our next door neighbour that became a friend. She's quite the pet whispered and a jack of all trades. Read more here...


Faces & Places newsletter no3 - Amar Stewart.

Amar, or as we call him - Om, is a visual artist, cancer survivor, a dear friend. He left London and moved to New York where he has had quite a few adventures including people stealing his paintings from an art show and running down the street with them. Find our more here...

Faces & Places newsletter no2 - The Grand Howl cafe in Hackney.

Our absolute favourite spot in east London. Hell, in all of London. The Grand Howl is an independent coffee roaster serving exceptional coffee and vegetarian and vegan food. Read more here to find out about Greg Kirk, the owner and how he starts his day, what coffee he drinks and what does a barista actually do!... Did you know?


Faces & Places newsletter no1 - Joe

Meet Joe! A photographer, cyclist, wood turner and a dear friend.

'What I want to 'do' is still very much up in the air. I think it's an evolution, rather than an ultimate goal.'

Read more here....

How sustainable is Vel-Oh,the handmade cycling inspired bag and accessories

How sustainable is Vel-Oh ?


Latest custom made bags.

Hi everyone! We wanted to share some exciting projects we worked on in the last few months. They've all been made outside our standard current collections in some way, whether it's a simple colour change or a unique leather clutch. Read this blog post to find out more and perhaps get your dream bag design started.....





Price increase & getting rid of plastic!

Last month one of our suppliers raised their prices, which affects the Nip Outs the most. So, so annoying, but such is life.

For the last couple of years, our online orders were shipped out wrapped in tissue but in a standard plastic mailer, which was always something we hated, but it was convenient and trustworthy and we couldn't quite find a good alternative that we didn't have to buy a million of at the time.  


Velo City book by Gestalten

How to clean / care / repair your Vel-Oh bag.

Did you cycle home after a pour down last night on that lovely wet, splashy, mucky road and got your bag all yucky yuck yuck ?! That's OK! Here's what to do. ...


Zulfi's Christmas wish list.

So we have experienced the million "gifts for him and for her" over the festive period. Well, here's my list of what I need/want or maybe just deserve! ...


Greta's christmas list for the ladies who cycle

I see lots of '10 cycling gifts' and 'gifts for cyclists' blog posts, magazine articles popping up every year and I always wonder who writes them...


The EPIC Transatlantlicway bike race

Spread the love!

February is our favourite month - Valentines, birthday and wedding anniversary celebrations. So we've decided to spread a little love with 20% off until EOD Valentines day...

Change of plans!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances including passport issues, falling out with some good friends that were involved into our planning and so many other last minute factors we decided to leave TransAm for next year.

An exciting year ahead

We wanted to share our exciting plans for 2017. First of all, we're going back to Berlin! Berliner Fahrradschau had such a great vibe last year, we couldn't resist. It is 3-5th of March...


Free shipping in Europe 

We have been craving a little slowness, a little more space, more air, more inspiration and well, a change. So we packed our van Betsy and relocated to the county Galway in Ireland! ...

New collection

We have had a few busy weeks, but our new collection is coming together nicely. We have brought everything in house and are proud to say that every product is made by Vel-Oh for you!...

The Trans Atlantic Way