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British Millerain Wax Dressing

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  • This tin can be used on the following Vel-Oh bags :

    Nip Out - Black and Grey (2.0)

    Day Bag - Black and Grey

    Worker Bag

    Duffle Bag

    Blackpack and Greypack

    If used on any of the other bags or colours it might change the feel and look of the fabric to a traditional waxy finish and might affect the colour slightly. If you're unsure - get in touch. Or if you'd rather stay with the dryer finish ( Seph, Howl, Umi, Moss, sunshine & Burgundy Nip Out, mustard Day Bag) you can also use Nikwax wax cotton spray proof.

    How to apply

    Sponge off any excess dirt using clean water. Place tin in hot water to soften the dressing. Apply with clean cotton cloth, paying particular attention to seams and edges. Regular reproofing will maintain the waterproof qualities of the fabric and prolong its life.