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Free Shipping In Europe | New Chapter.

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A new chapter.
We have been craving a little slowness, a little more space, more air, more inspiration and well, a change. So we packed our van Betsy and relocated to the county Galway in Ireland! Although we don't have a return ticket we don't plan for this to be our retirement home :) What does this mean and why are we sharing it? Well it means that the bags are no longer made in UK. They're still made by us, but it our Irish studio.
We're still Londoners in our hearts and I'm sure we will be craving the fast pace life again at some point. But for now the change has been really rewarding. We wake up to green and only green surrounding us, we exercise more, we work more yet we feel more relaxed. We work through week days and weekends and take days off when the sun is out. 
This has also made it easier to deal with not reaching our target on Kickstarter. But don't get the wrong idea - we are still launching the new collection. It will be done in smaller batches and hiring tools instead of getting our own, but there's no stopping us! Thanks to all those who supported us throughout the campaign. 

Much Love
Zulfi & Greta